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Black and Latino workers with good jobs are paid less than White workers with good jobs at every level of education.

White workers have inherited and built upon advantages in the educational pipeline and workforce that have disproportionately improved their chances of finding good jobs.

Unemployment rates for Black workers remain about 2X those of Whites, and Latino unemployment rates remain roughly 1.5X those of Whites.

As Latinos have moved toward closing the gap in higher education, they have seen higher earnings in the workforce. Read more:

GPA is a better predictor of student success than standardized test scores, but that may not be the main reason some selective colleges are no longer requiring applicants to submit these scores. Read: @timeshighered

It might not come as a surprise that being a poet or an architect demands intense creativity. But so does being a physicist or CEO. Read: @educationweek

Even among workers with good jobs, Blacks and Latinos are paid less than White workers at every level of education. Learn more:

White workers have a disproportionate share of good jobs compared to Blacks and Latinos. #CEWequity

What we see in today’s colleges is a far cry from a united path to prosperity—it’s a chasm demarcated by race. Read more from Dr. Carnevale:

“Money alone isn’t going to make a difference,” CEW’s Martin Van Der Werf said. Supplementing financial support for Pell-eligible students with advising, career preparation, and more can help ensure they complete college. Read: @DiverseIssues

Colleges Need to Rethink Their Market — and Maybe Their Mission

In this article for The Chronicle of Higher Education, Jeffrey J. Selingo discusses how higher education needs to evolve. Selingo cites CEW report “Recovery: Job Growth and Education Requirements through 2020.”


Ignore the Hype. College Is Worth It.

CEW Director Dr. Anthony P. Carnevale writes in an op-ed for Inside Higher Ed that college is worth it—despite questioning that suggests otherwise.


The only thing more expensive than going to college is not going to college.

Anthony P. Carnevale
Director and Research Professor