Anthony P. Carnevale
Director and Research Professor

Jeff Strohl
Research Professor and Director of Research

Andrea Porter
Staff and Operations Director

Neil Ridley
State Initiative Director

Hilary Strahota
Associate Director of Strategic Communications

Martin Van Der Werf
Associate Director of Editorial and Postsecondary Policy

Nicole Smith
Research Professor and Chief Economist

Ban Cheah
Research Professor and Senior Economist

Tanya I. Garcia
Associate Director of Postsecondary Policy Research

Megan Fasules
Research Economist

Artem Gulish
Senior Policy Strategist

Michael Quinn 
Senior Analyst

Vikki Hartt Salinkas
Communication and Social Media Specialist

Frank Zhang
Graphic Design and Multimedia Specialist

Joseph Leonard
Procurement and Financial Specialist

Coral Castro 
Executive Assistant

Chantal Portillo
Diversity Initiative Associate

Allie Babyak
Communications Associate

Meagan Siu
Research Associate

Mutiara Alam Addini
Research Associate

Sheena Fazili
Research Associate